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Is Now a Good Time to Move?

Many think they would rather wait for the COVID-19 virus to be completely eradicated before moving into senior housing. The truth of the matter is this virus may never go away. And like other viruses before this one, we are learning how to deal with it while protecting ourselves and others and still continue with daily life.

We have put protocols in place since early 2020 to keep everyone in our communities – residents and staff – as safe as possible. In fact, our communities allow for care not normally found in a person’s private home. From prepared meals to daily wellness checks, our staff works to keep residents healthy – physically and mentally.

Is this the time to move into a senior living community? This might be the best time to move. Take a look at just a few ways we are working to keep our residents healthy:

  • Plans are in place – Our Coronavirus task force has created an emergency plan on how to respond to the virus in our community. We have shared our emergency plan with all our team members in case they come into contact with a potential or confirmed COVID-19 affected person. We have also learned how to minimize the risk and keep the virus contained should we see a positive case.
  • Up to date safety protocol – We regularly communicate with the Department of Health (DOH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state governing bodies to share information and resources.
  • Ready to care for you – We have created a process of providing emergency medical care to our patients should the need arise. This means a person who screens positive for symptoms of COVID-19 is immediately separated from others. We then attend to the needs of that person in a dedicated area away from others.
  • Always prepared – We currently have sufficient personal protection equipment (PPE) to meet our resident’s needs. In the event of a global shortage, we have plans in place to allocate our resources throughout our system according to need.
  • Clean and sanitized – We have improved our method of sanitization to include an electromagnetic disinfecting sprayer. This allows us to disinfect more surface area with a greater coverage rate assisting us in keeping the virus at bay.
  • Your wellbeing comes first – We have and continue to update our visitor guidelines to include visitation stations allowing families to visit together while safely protecting everyone from potential exposure.
  • Healthy oversight – Our residents and staff are monitored daily for any signs or symptoms and our staff has a private lab on standby to test our residents right away should the situation warrant it.
  • Keeping it to a minimum – We prepare all meals saving unnecessary trips to the grocery store which minimizes your level of public exposure to COVID-19.
  • Doctors come to you – With the assistance of our nurses, we utilize telemedicine that potentially keeps you from having to visit a doctor’s office directly thereby minimizing your level of exposure.
  • Enjoy life – Most importantly, you have the opportunity daily to visit with friends, while still maintaining social distancing, and continue to enjoy the day-to-day activities our community has to offer.

For more information about our community, to answer any questions you may have and how we can help you, please call us at (850) 403-6068.

To read more about what our management company is doing in response to COVID-19, please visit

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